Wisdom Within

Tap into your intuition

For clarity, ease and deeper self-discovery

To navigate and flow with life


Here's what you'll learn


How to feel more connected with your intuitive wisdom

Learn what it is, how to become more aware of it, and in-tune with it


How to use your inner compass for clarity and finding your true desires

Learn four foundations for being guided by innate wisdom


How to navigate life’s currents and flow with confidence

Learn the best ways for integrating the workshop learnings for life

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Tapping into wisdom:

Your journey to realising your dreams

When you feel more connected with your intuition and learn to trust your innate wisdom, you’ve unlocked the key to navigating life. From uncovering your true desires to making decisions with clarity, you’ll have your own personal guidance system to support you. As you learn to follow that guidance, you can flow towards your greatest good with ease.

How would it feel to fully trust your own internal guidance without any doubt

Hi I'm Naudia

I’ve been on a deep inner journey for the last 10 years, from quitting my corporate job to travelling the world, which led to launching my first business, We Drifters. All whilst continuing to rediscover more of who I really was, letting go of outdated and conditioned versions of myself, and holding space for change. 

Over the years I began to feel more into my true nature which is naturally intuitive and in communion with innate wisdom. It was only when I began to follow the wisdom, the internal nudges, to make decisions and take inspired action that my life really began to change.

Eventually I began to trust that the guidance was always leading me to my greatest good. 

I now live life guided by innate wisdom, I follow my inspiration, and flow with life, with a deep appreciation and curiosity. I embrace the human experience and I'm on an ongoing journey of embodying my fullest expression, my most authentic self.

I’m a certified coach passionate about living life on purpose and help people feel more connected with their intuitive wisdom. I also mentor people starting soul-aligned businesses as well as those travelling for wellbeing and transformation.

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